Q: How does recruitment work?

A: In the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, all of NYU's fraternities host a week of recruitment events designed to help the chapters and interested prospective members get to know one another. During this week, Zeta Psi hosts events every night that are free and open to any and all prospective members. At the conclusion of this "Rush Week", we extend bids to join Zeta Psi to those we deem to be a good fit. Upon accepting your bid, you will enter our new member education process in which you learn about our values, history, traditions, brothers and more.

Q: How do you decide on who gets a bid?

A: At the Phi Chapter, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our brotherhood. There is no select set of qualities, interests, or backgrounds that we look for. Rather, we seek new members who have the potential for greatness and can build upon Zeta Psi's tradition of excellence in their time at NYU and beyond.

Q: How many bids do you give out?

A: The number of bids we give out varies semester by semester and depends on a number of factors. Typically, we accept 10-20 new members in each class depending on the year. 

Q: Why should I join Zeta Psi?

A: Zeta Psi offers a litany of resources, opportunities and benefits for its brothers. You can find out more about our fraternity here. That being said, the best way to figure out if you are a good fit with our chapter is to come out to our Rush Week events, meet the actives, and come out to interviews.

Q: Does it cost anything to be a brother of Zeta Psi?

A: Brothers pay dues every semester in addition to a one-time initiate fee. We offer numerous financial resources like scholarships to help our brothers afford the Greek experience. As a result, your financial ability to pay dues will have no weight in our decision to extend you a bid.