The Phi chapter owes its continued success to the support of our elder network. We welcome all of our alumni to connect with the active chapter. If you are an elder interested in reconnecting with the chapter, the first step is to reach out to our AΣ Matthew Mullen (

Make sure to fill out our information update form. We are currently revamping our alumni database, and filling out the information update form will help us more effectively reach out to the elder network. Updating your information will help you stay in the loop with current chapter news and events.

The best way to help the chapter is to enroll in Zete4Life. The Zete4Life program enables elders to provide financial support to the active chapter seamlessly. You can find out more about the program and how to enroll here.

In addition, you can get involved with the Zeta Psi Phi Chapter Elder Association, which hosts regular events to enable actives and elders to connect. You can find out more about the Elder Association from our Elder Phi - Chris Bush (